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CAAC Will Give a Speech on the Establishment of Operation Support System

Jul 13,2018

According to the analysis of AVIC group, China air transport market will maintain steady growth in the next 20 years. By 2034, China needs to complement various types of civil aircraft 5522.

In the face of such rapid development of aviation network and huge fleet scale, it is necessary to build after-sale service market to guarantee its functional operation.

However, China civil aircraft operation support system is still in the initial stage of development, civil aircraft maintenance network is not comprehensive. The digitization and informatization need to be upgraded. Spare parts pool also need to be established. As a result, it would be the most concerned emphases that how to build a mature operation support network to ensure aircraft's constant optimization for efficiency and cost in the future.

In order to build a perfect system and set up the guarantee system, it's our honor to have Head of Flight Standard Dep. of CAAC to give a speach.

The details of speaker is as follows:

Speech Topic: Establishment of Chinese Operation Support System

Speaker: Shijun XVE

Job Title: Head of Flight Standard Dep. of CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China)


Operation Support System starts to establish in 2016. Aftermarket service was divided by many individual branches before. In order to better complete a comprehensive MRO service, CAAC decided to build Operation Support System. With the gradual improvement of the system, CAAC puts forward new requirements every year. This year, It's our great honor to have CAAC to give a speach. He will share the information about latest system updates and the technical suggestions.

We sincerely welcome more industrial experts and suppliers could join us and promote communication. Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum(CAOSTIF) will be held on September 13th-14th in Chengdu, China.

Register CAOSTIF or get in touch with marketing@galleon.cc for more details.


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