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CRAC Issues Request for CR929 Landing Gear Supplier

Aug 15,2018

China-Russia International Commercial Aircraft (CRAIC), a joint venture established by China Commercial Aircraft (COMAC) and Russia United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), issued a request for proposal (RFP) on July 31, 2018, for the CR929 landing gear to potential suppliers.


RFP documents include the main requirements for Tier 1 suppliers during the whole life cycle of the CR929 project, including engineering, quality control, airworthiness criteria, and supply chain management.


The potential suppliers are expected to submit their proposals by the end of November 2018, after which CRAIC will conduct an evaluation. Chinese, Russian and European manufacturers are considered as potential candidates, with a deliberate omission of any Northern American supplier.


The Sino-Russian company previously issued a RFP for the propulsion system of the CR929. It received several proposals and should give its final decision by the end of 2018.


On June 1, 2018, CRAC defined the main characteristics such as the shape and size of the CR929 long-range wide-body aircraft. The CR929 long-range wide-body aircraft is a twin engine civil aircraft with its basic model, the CR929-600, having a range of 12,000 kilometers


Furthermore, UAC will gather Airbus, COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Eaton China, and UTC Aerospace System to make a discussion about ¡®Technical Features Of Wide-body Aircraft In Design And Manufacture¡¯ at 9th Annual Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum(CAIIF), on September 12th -13th in Chengdu. At CAIIF, you will get more information about advanced civil aircraft system integration technology and intelligent manufacturing.


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