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Satcom Direct Becomes VAR for Inmarsat Jet ConneX

Nov 30,2018

Satcom Direct (SD) has been appointed a Level 1 Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Inmarsat¡¯s Jet ConneX inflight connectivity service.

The Level 1 VAR status means that SD can now provide the high-speed data service directly to the business aviation community.

SD says the new Jet ConneX Level 1 VAR status brings even more flexibility to the newly-launched SD Xperience which simplifies and improves business aviation connectivity and operations.

SD Xperience is a new fully-synchronized, end-to-end solution that combines cabin and cockpit communications services, aircraft connectivity hardware, and flight operations software.

SD Xperience allows the company to deliver tailored, customer-driven solutions to the global business aviation marketplace.

As a Level 1 VAR, SD customers also now have more direct airtime provider choices through the SD Xperience.

David Greenhill, President SD, said: ¡°SD was the first business aviation communications provider to provision its services and transmit data over Inmarsat¡¯s first two Global Xpress satellites. We¡¯re delighted that our successful partnership continues to grow, and we¡¯ve become the leading supplier of Jet ConneX to the global business aviation sector.

¡°Additionally, SD proprietary solutions enhance and optimise the Jet ConneX service to deliver unmatched performance in the air.

¡°These exclusive SD services allow operators to manage and maximise bandwidth, improve voice call quality, prioritize passenger data and more ¨C bringing them a better Jet ConneX experience.¡±

Philip Balaam, President, Inmarsat Aviation said: ¡°Inmarsat¡¯s Jet ConneX global inflight Wi-Fi has experienced unprecedented demand in the business aviation market, with more than 400 activations to date across the world.

As what Philip balaam said, the inflight Wi-Fi industry is on the verge of explosive growth. Meanwhile with the strong support of the China government and airlines, more and more opportunities emerge and  it is definitely a good point for all the suppliers to get involved. Besides the success of SD and Jet Conne¡¯s cooperation points out how crucial it is to choose the appropriate partner. Considering the Chinese market and the huge demand, on April 17th-18th , 2019, The Connected Aircraft China Congress 2019 brings together  the Chinese main airlines and companies from all across the aerospace and avionics industries to assess market lessons, potential demand and best practices in global connected solutions for the passenger, airline efficiency and cutting-edge services. And most importantly the Congress will offer a perfect opportunity to help the companies locate at the right picture and build a pleasant cooperation.

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