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GE Aviation Expands Agreement as Aircraft Industries Engine Provider

Nov 30,2018

GE Aviation has signed an agreement with Aircraft Industries to supply GE H Series turboprop engines for Let L-410 and L-410 NG models manufactured by the Czech-based aircraft maker.

GE¡¯s H Series is a family of turboprop engines offering a wide range of power and performance customized for business and general aviation aircraft. Featuring power output options from 750 to 850 SHP for both takeoff and maximum continuous operation, the H Series is the ideal power solution to meet the requirements of the L-410 series.

L-410 commuters powered by M601 or H Series engines have operated in over 60 countries worldwide. The durable aircraft¡¯s ability to land on short, unpaved runways enables operation in severe conditions. The L-410 offers maximum versatility for a variety of missions.

GE retained the rugged, reliable features of the legacy M601 engine, then infused advanced aerodynamics, materials and novel manufacturing processes to create the modern H Series turboprop engine family. The H Series has novel 3D aerodynamic design for the compressor and blisks (bladed disks) compressor rotors. It also has a series of technical features aimed to increase power density, improve engine fuel efficiency and extend durability. are among the enablers for the L410s¡¯ augmented hot-day takeoff performance and high-altitude cruise speeds.

The L-410 NG, powered by GE¡¯s H85-200 engine, inherited the best of L-410 family aircraft and offers improved flight parameters, operational characteristics and the latest avionics. Thanks to a new wing structure, with integral fuel tank and almost doubled fuel capacity, the L-410 NG enables significantly longer maximum range (2500 km/1350 NM) and endurance (10 hours). Other major enhancements to the aircraft include greater payload (2154 kg/4749 lbs.), cockpit and passenger cabin and increased service life.

GE Aviation Czech is GE¡¯s headquarters for its business and general aviation Turboprop market segment, consolidating advanced technologies, design, and global aftermarket support in providing targeted solutions to the market.

In recent years, the development of global aerospace industry has greatly enhanced the requirements of Aircraft OEMs and Airline companies for aero engines. Over the next 20 years, the China air transportation will nearly quadruple. Aircraft noise and emission issues are becoming the major challenges to China air transportation industry. In spite of the increasing requirements for high performance and reliability, aero engines costs are expected to decrease. Despite the enhancing thrust and power, aero engine noise is required to be controlled in a more effective way. Higher clients¡¯ expectations drive to continuous innovation of aero engine products.Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum (CAE SH), based on China National Special Project of Aero Engine & Gas Turbine, is located in Shanghai, China. This forum aims to support aero engine industry development through information exchanges and business cooperation. Initiated by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics and AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd., this annual forum has been successfully held in the past three years. The 4th Annual Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum (CAE SH 2019) will be held in the city of Shanghai on March 20th - 21st, 2019 at Novotel Shanghai Hongqiao.

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