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Cirrus Vision Jet G2 Certified

Jan 16,2019

Cirrus Aircraft has received FAA certification for a new version of its single-engine Vision Jet, the Generation 2 (G2), and deliveries of the model will begin this month. New features include a higher maximum operating altitude, autothrottle, lithium-ion main-ship batteries, upgraded avionics, new cabin appointments, and additional paint schemes.

The G2 Vision Jets Garmin avionics suite is upgraded to the Perspective+ configuration, with faster processors and higher-resolution displays, Flight Stream 510 wireless gateway, and a Garmin autothrottle system for the Fadec Williams International FJ33-5A turbofan. Its Flight Stream 510 facilitates Garmin Connext flight plan transfers, database updates via the Garmin Pilot app, and text messaging using Garmin Pilot and the Garmin GSR 56 Iridium satcom. The SiriusXM radio system can also now be controlled by a cellphone instead of through the avionics.

Its autothrottle simplifies single-pilot flying by maintaining a manually set or FMS programmed airspeed. The system automatically lowers the power setting and adjusts speed if the jet is flying too fastfor example, preventing exceedance of speed restrictions in the terminal environment. The autothrottle can be used after 400 feet agl on takeoff and during an instrument approach to minimums. During a coupled instrument approach, the autothrottle and autopilot can automatically fly the missed approach procedure.

In addition, he autothrottle brings new functionality to the Garmin Electronic Stability & Protection System (ESP) on the G2 Vision. For example, in a stall, the autothrottle adds power to complement the autopilot lowering the nose, even if the autothrottle and autopilot are not engaged. Using the emergency descent mode, the autothrottle lowers power to a setting optimal for the descent but also for leveling off at a safe airspeed (about 82 percent power).

The FJ33-5A engine has also been modified with a new thrust schedule from FL240 to FL310, the new maximum operating altitude (up from FL280), giving the G2 Vision an improved climb and a seven-knot increase in cruise speed at FL280 to 311 ktas. At FL310, the Vision G2 can cruise at 305 ktas, one knot faster than the original Vision at FL280 (at ISA and mtow).

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