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Duncan Aviation Expands its Nebraska Aircraft Battery Shop

Mar 15,2019

12th March, 2019: Duncan Aviation expands its aircraft battery shop space to almost 1,400-square-feet at its Lincoln, Nebraska, location. The expansion has been beneficial for the company as they have added a new battery cooler, received a lot of bench space and new advanced test sets which includes 2400w programmable DC electronic load banks, lead-acid analyzers, and main NiCad charger analyzers.


The added space has led to increase in productivity with streamlined production processes and improved safety by reducing the risk of injury to team members or damage to batteries and equipment.


This equipment consists of every test set, battery charger, and capacity gauge available to carry out capacity checks, testing, and maintenance for every aircraft battery in service on business aircraft in use today.


Each week the shop sees about 85 to 100 batteries and on an average 75 per cent of batteries are checked, charged, and returned to customers within five days. Nearly 45 per cent of the batteries that the shop receives is from international customers including aircraft operators, industry partners, OEMs, competitors, and international military.


Brian Teeters, Team Leader said, When the Lincoln facility added two new maintenance hangars in 2014, the battery shop saw an increase in business from aircraft on-site for maintenance.


The company has continued to grow with the addition of the new Duncan Aviation maintenance hangar in Provo, Utah. The battery shop which is of 251-square-foot has dedicated rooms for both lead acid and NiCad battery services.


According to statistics, the investment of Asia-pacific airlines in aviation material inventory is 4 to 5 times higher than that of European and American airlines. The reasons are mainly attributed to relatively high spare parts guarantee requirements, more interior decoration renovation and refit, inefficient customs clearance, lack of aviation material sharing mechanism, geographical location farther from the original factory, large passenger aircraft with a higher proportion and other factors. Among them, the original factory (OEM) is the biggest beneficiary in the aviation material industry. In the future, OEM will gain more benefits in the aviation material field by continuously penetrating the after-sales market. Third-party service providers (MRO) and airlines are looking for more ways to avoid their interests being compressed.


Under this background, the 3rd Annual Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum (CAOSTIF 2019) will be held in the city of Tianjin on June 12th-13th, 2019.This years forum will attracted over 150 delegates from government, organizations, institutes, universities and industrial enterprises. CAOSTIF 2019 hosted around 20 domestic and international speakers who delivered keynote speeches and joined the lively panel discussion.


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