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Magnetic MRO Expands CAMO Services

Apr 4,2019

Magnetic MRO has gained approval from EASA for continuing airworthiness management organisation (CAMO) services for the Airbus A330, Boeing 777 and Embraer 145 aircraft.

The updated approvals grow the company¡¯s reach in the widebody segment, following on from its acquisition earlier this month of Dutch MRO Direct Maintenance, a specialist in widebody line maintenance. As part of the buyout from Ireland-based Direct Aviation Group, Magnetic MRO will take on Direct Maintenance¡¯s existing services for 787 and A380 aircraft.

Direct Maintenance¡¯s line maintenance capabilities cover Airbus A340, A380 and A350 aircraft, as well as Boeing 747, 777 and 787 aircraft. In addition, it also caters for Embraer 170 and 190 aircraft and MD-11s. Magnetic MRO took on 11 line locations in total.

Andrei Pavlov, Magnetic MRO¡¯s continuing airworthiness manager, says the expansion of the CAMO capability complements the company¡¯s recent business acquisition. ¡°This strategic alignment certainly creates a good base of synergy for Magnetic MRO¡¯s future business achievements in the wide-body market,¡± he says.

He adds that the CAMO approval was extended to aid existing relationships with customers, while potentially create future partnerships with new ones.

Magnetic MRO first gained Part M Subpart G certification from EASA for CAMO services in April 2015 having subcontracted such services for more than a decade.

According to statistics, the investment of Asia-pacific airlines in aviation material invento?ry is 4 to 5 times higher than that of European and American airlines. The reasons are mainly attributed to relatively high spare parts guarantee requirements, more interior decoration renovation and refit, inefficient customs clearance, lack of aviation material sharing mechanism, geographical location farther from the original factory, large passen?ger aircraft with a higher proportion and other factors. Among them, the original factory (OEM) is the biggest beneficiary in the aviation material industry. In the future, OEM will gain more benefits in the aviation material field by continuously penetrating the after-sales market. Third-party service providers (MRO) and airlines are looking for more ways to avoid their interests being compressed.

Under this background, the 3rd Annual Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum will held in the city of Tianjin on June 12th - 13th, attract aviation authorities & regulators, more than 30+ airlines, 10+MROs & OEMs, parts & components suppliers, Leasing Companies will participate in this year¡¯s forum.

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