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JetTech STCs Garmin TXi Displays in Citations

Mar 29,2019

JetTech has received FAA approval of its supplemental type certificate (STC) for installation of Garmin touchscreen G600 and G700 TXi displays in the Cessna Citation 500, 501, 550, 551, S550, and 560. The G700 TXi can be installed in the model 500, 550, S550, and 560 equipped with the Sperry SPZ 500 autopilot, while the G600 TXi is STCd for the model 501 and 551 equipped with the SPZ 500. The TXi displays measure 10.6 inches. Customers can opt for either a single or dual display installation, paired with Garmins GTN 650/750 GPS touchscreen navigators.

It's a natural upgrade path, which allows existing customers to include flight management system functionality through an intuitive touchscreen interface, said Rob Irwin, founder and member/manager of JetTech. The result will be faster planning, chart rendering, single-finger zoom control, and plenty of options for PFD, MFD, and EIS [engine-indicating system] functions.

Other benefits of the TXi installation include fully coupled WAAS/LPV instrument approaches and VNAV guidance to help with flying complex RNAV arrival procedures, according to JetTech.  The TXi displays come with synthetic vision, HSI mapping overlays, and customizable crew profiles. TAWS-B is optional.

JetTech has installed the TXi displays in its Citation II and demonstrated the setup in October at NBAA 2018.

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