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China-Developed ARJ21 Regional Aircraft Realizes 10,000 Flight Hours

Apr 15,2019

China-developed ARJ21 regional airplanes have realized a total of 10,000 safety flight hours in commercial operation as of the end of March, according to Chengdu Airlines Thursday.

By the end of March, the fleet of ARJ21 airplanes have carried around 320,000 passengers shuttling around Chinese cities, said Chengdu Airlines.

Based in Chengdu in Southwest China's Sichuan province, Chengdu Airlines launched the ARJ21 aircraft.

To date, it has received 11 ARJ21 airplanes and used them to connect more than 20 domestic cities, mostly second-tier cities.

Chengdu Airlines has been continuously using the aircraft model by expanding a cross-region air route network with both trunk and regional routes. And the fleet size of ARJ21 airplanes will increase steadily, said the airline.

Developed by the Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China (COMAC), the ARJ21 is China's first indigenously developed regional passenger jetliner.

It is designed with 78 to 90 seats and has a range of 3,700 km. It can fly in alpine and plateau regions and is adaptive to various airport conditions.

The first ARJ21 airplane was delivered to Chengdu Airlines in 2015. It conducted its first commercial flight on June 28, 2016.

As an important symbol of the country's technology, economy, national defense strength and industrialization level, the aviation industry is particularly important to vigorously develop the Chinese aviation industry. The aviation industry is an important industry that drives the development of the national economy. The development and production of advanced aviation products will inevitably drive the development of cutting-edge technologies. Therefore, the aviation industry is the engine that promotes industrial transformation and upgrading.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries and commissions, the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China", "Made in China 2025", clearly pointed out that it is necessary to vigorously promote the organization of innovation and industrialization special projects, major engineering aviation Engineering equipment. At the same time, smart manufacturing will be the top priority in various policy plans to promote manufacturing development during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Aeronautical digital manufacturing technology can realize digital control and rapid manufacturing of aviation products, but digital manufacturing technology can not achieve adaptive, self-optimized intelligent processing of aviation products. In order to achieve high-quality, high-efficiency and low-cost production of aviation products, it is necessary to carry out research on aviation intelligent manufacturing technology and promote the transformation and upgrading of aviation manufacturing. However, for "smart manufacturing", the ability to improve "manufacturing" has become the core that our aviation industry must focus on. At present, China's dependence on foreign imported products is high, which also greatly limits China's further development of intelligent manufacturing. Therefore, efforts to promote core technological breakthroughs, upgrade of key technological levels, and enhancement of key infrastructure materials and core component manufacturing capabilities will be China's smart. To achieve the prerequisites for the development of leaps and bounds, and in order to enhance China's technological strength, enhance the international competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, and achieve a large manufacturing country in the aviation industry, we must vigorously develop the aviation industry.

Therefore, the "2019 Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum(CAIIF 2019)" is scheduled to be held in Xi'an on September 26th -27th, 2019. CAIIF 2019 will bring together 200 delegates from Government Agencies, Regional Civil Aviation Bureau, Domestic and Foreign Airlines, Industry Association and Alliance, Airborne Interconnect System Integrator, Hardware Manufacturer, Aircraft Manufacturer, Third Party Service Company, Aero Engine Company, Assembly Center, The Boeing Company, Airbus.

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