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Bombardier Levels Up On Engine Services In China

Apr 29,2019

Bombardier's service center in Tianjin, China has received authorized service center status from Rolls-Royce, General Electric, and Honeywell, enabling the facility to service all engines fitted on the Bombardier business jet portfolio. This includes the Rolls-Royce BR710A2-20 on the Global 5000, General Electric CF34 on the Challenger 600 family, and Honeywell HTF7000 on the Challenger 300 family.

The Canadian aircraft manufacturer is also launching a new line maintenance service at the Tianjin service center, offering AOG mobile repair along with scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services on Challenger and Global aircraft registered in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Aruba, Qatar, Isle of Man, San Marino, and Guernsey.

¡°Currently we hold about a 31 percent market share in the region but, in order to grow, we must not only have a good portfolio of aircraft, we must also increase our services and capabilities to support these customers,¡± said Khader Mattar, Bombardier vice president sales, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and China. ¡°We have invested a lot of money in the services sector, and with that we are confident that we can be number one soon.¡±

He added that many local banks are now beginning to support the financing of jet purchases, and that will also spur the growth of jet sales in China.

Bombardier¡¯s Global 7500, C-FXAI, arrived for its airshow debut at ABACE 2019 after flying to Shanghai from Singapore. After ABACE, the aircraft¡ªthe first aircraft delivered, which is being leased back from the owner¡ªwill spend two weeks in China before touring Africa and then will be flown to the EBACE show in Geneva in May. The Global 7500 is the largest purpose-built business jet and features a four-zone interior with a bedroom, entertainment room, and two passenger seating zones. The new jet can fly 7,700 nm with eight passengers, and has a high-speed cruise of Mach .90 and long-range cruise of Mach .85.

Last China Aerospace Propulsion Technology Forum, David RIORDAN, the Senior Engineering Advisor (SEA) and Chief Technical Engineer of Bombardier Aerostructures & Engineering Services, has given a presentation about ¡®Advanced Nacelle Technologies For Improving Performance Of Aircraft Propulsion Systems.

This year, gathering over 180 delegates with all levels of the industry, such as Government, Aero-engine OEMs, Machine Tools, Equipment, Parts & Components, Cutter, Software, Surface Treatment, Testing, Metal & Composites, Assemblies and so on, 8th China Aerospace Propulsion Technology Forum 2019(held in conjunction with The 10th Annual Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2019) will be held on September 26th -27th in the city of Xi¡¯an, China.

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