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May 15,2019

A heavy twin-engine Airbus H215 helicopter has been delivered to China¡¯s State Grid General Aviation Company (SGGAC). The company became the launch customer for the H215 in China.


A subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), the world¡¯s largest utility company, SGGAC performs aerial construction and maintenance work along China¡¯s network of high and very-high voltage power lines.  


The H215 will join the company¡¯s existing fleet of 15 Airbus helicopters, comprised of H125s, an H120 and an H225. This addition will enable SGGAC to perform new missions such as cable repair, cable laying, cargo transportation, and power line pylons constructions in difficult-to-reach areas.


The helicopter comes equipped with a 4.5-ton cargo sling, hoists, weather radar, and a wire-strike protection system. The configuration features 17 comfortable seats equipped with oxygen jackets for high altitude missions.


¡°Our cooperation with Airbus Helicopters since 2012 has been a true success. Thanks to the H215¡¯s outstanding performance in high and hot conditions coupled with strong support and services from Airbus Helicopters, we are confident that we will continue to develop our capabilities performing new utility missions,¡± said Wu Jielong, Chairman of SGGAC.


¡°It¡¯s an honour to see SGGAC becoming the first operator of the H215 in China¡±, said Marie-Agnes Veve, General Manager of Airbus Helicopters China. ¡°This achievement reinforces the long-term and strategic cooperation we have developed with the company, which also became a certified Airbus Helicopters¡¯ maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) centre in China in 2018.¡±


The H215 combines advanced avionics and a reliable platform for rugged multi-mission capabilities in the world¡¯s harshest environments. Its baseline configuration offers extremely competitive direct operating and maintenance costs. Standard features include proven Makila 1A1 engines, the latest generation flight management system, and the most modern technologies, which includes a glass cockpit avionics system and the renowned 4-axis autopilot from Airbus Helicopters¡¯ advanced H225.


The introduction of this H215 increases China¡¯s Super Puma fleet to nearly 40 aircraft, performing a wide range of missions from oil & gas to aerial work to VIP transportation. The fleet is supported by Airbus Helicopters¡¯ China technical team, its approved helicopter MRO centre in Shenzhen, and an H225 full flight simulator located in Beijing.


In addition, Airbus's H135 helicopter assembly line in Jimo, Qingdao, Shandong Province, is expected to complete plant construction by the end of this year and become operational in early 2019. The initial production capacity of the assembly line is expected to have an annual output of 18, and gradually improve according to future demand.


Since 2014, AIRBUS Helicopter has never missed every Civil Helicopter Industry International Forum . This year, as usual, we are going to invite Eduardo Dominguez PUERTA, the head of Urban Air Mobility at AIRBUS, to talk about ¡®Urban Air Traffic Solution - Breakthrough In Autonomous Flight Technology¡¯ at CHIIF 2019. The forum is supported by CAAC East China General Aviation Service Center and will be held on June 26th ¨C 27th, 2019, at Shanghai Jrurong Hotel, China.


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