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Aircraft Electrical Systems Market Size 2025 to Amass Considerable Returns from the North America

Jun 14,2019

Aircraft Electrical Systems Market is anticipated to achieve lucrative growth in the coming years led by Increasing aircraft production across the globe owing to proliferation of low-cost carriers and improved airline networks. Supporting government initiatives along with rising adoption of open skies agreements are further boosting the industry share. Expanding tourism sector along with rising disposable income are providing a positive outlook for the industry expansion.

Aircraft manufactures are continuously focusing on manufacturing light weight aircrafts to improve operational efficiency along with complying to the stringent regulatory norms. Moreover, the proliferation of lower weight wiring along with rising preference for high density batteries are positively influencing the aircraft electrical systems market share. Additionally, increasing electrical components in aircrafts along with increasing adoption of more electric aircrafts are felicitating the requirement for suitable power management systems, thereby expanding the industry size.

Aircraft electrical systems market players are continuously investing in R&D for developing advanced aircraft electrical systems for improving efficiency and reduce loads in the batteries. Manufacturers are continuously developing the Transformer Rectifier Unit (TRU) technology, that enables for multiple voltage systems using a combination of DC & AC buses, thereby supporting in overall electrical systems efficiency.

Based on components, the aircraft electrical systems market is classified into generators and auxiliary power unit. Advanced turbo generators combine simple-cycle magnetic bearing cooling turbine technology and electrical power generation. The system can provide liquid cooling and electrical power to implement advanced radar systems in military aircrafts, thereby positively influencing the industry.

The aircraft electrical systems market based on aircraft can be classified into commercial aircraft, military, regional jets, and helicopters. The growth in the helicopters can be credited to the capability of performing diversified range of operations including vertical take-off & landing, along with the ability to hover over smaller areas. Moreover, the increasing usage of these aircrafts for tourism, emergency and rescue missions further accelerates the segment share over the study timeframe.

The aircraft electrical systems market based on distribution channel can be classified as line fit and retrofit. The growth in the retrofit segment can be credited to the stringent regulations and policies mandating the replacement and maintenance of aircraft components after a certain flight cycle to maintain airworthiness. Moreover, the replacements required in cases on wear and tear owing to continuous operations further expands the segment size.

Few players operating in the aircraft electrical systems market share include Honeywell, UTC, Astronics, Fokker technologies, Safran, and Thales. Strategic investments for advanced product development are among the prominent strategies adopted by industry players to expand their market share. For instance, in 2018, UTC Aerospace announced an investment of around USD 3 billion for development of more-electric initiative, that aims to replace hydraulic and pneumatic systems in aircrafts with electrical components, thereby providing a positive outlook for the industry expansion.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, domestic civil aircrafts have developed rapidly in such four major sectors as trunkliner, regional aircraft, general aviation and helicopter. Relevant data shows that China needs more than 7,000 civil aircrafts in 2017-2036, with a total value of more than USD 1 trillion. The annual average market space of China's electromechanical systems exceeds USD 8 billion. At present, the electromechanical system for aviation industry provides 11 systems, including power system, fuel system, hydraulic system, auxiliary power system and air management system, for civil aircrafts such as C919, MA60, MA700, AG600, ARJ21, Y 12, AC313, LE 500, and HO 300. The Civil Electromechanics System International Forum 2019 is committed to optimizing the electromechanical products of civil aircrafts and digital manufacturing with information technology to achieve excellence in the automation of electromechanical systems.

Under this background, the 4th Annual AERO ELECTROMECHANICS CHINA 2019 will be held in the city of Nanjing on October 22nd C 23rd, register your interest or get in touch with marketing@galleon.cc for more details.

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