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Redbird Unveils Guided Independent Instrument Training

Aug 2,2019

Redbird Flight Simulations unveiled the latest in its Guided Independent Flight Training products at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019: GIFT Instrument Rating, designed to help student pilots advance faster and more cost-effectively through their instrument training.


It follows on GIFT Private Pilot, which was introduced two years ago.


¡°GIFT assumes the tedious role of introducing students to concepts and developing proficiency through repetition, allowing flight instructors to focus more on evaluating skills like judgment and decision-making,¡± explained Josh Harnagel, vice president of marketing.


Similar to GIFT Private Pilot, every module in the new instrument training supplement includes a pre-flight video and a written brief, a simulator mission with AI-powered real-time coaching and corrections, a post-flight debrief with objective scoring based on the FAA Airman Certification Standards (ACS), and in-depth post-flight review and trend tracking on the Redbird Cloud.


However, GIFT Instrument Rating is even more customizable, giving student pilots hundreds of variations and settings options for each approach type and maneuver. For example, when the ¡°Surprise Me¡± feature is enabled, GIFT will randomize the settings to create highly realistic training scenarios that are unpredictable for the student pilot, company officials said.


Redbird also has improved the in-flight and post-flight capabilities of GIFT Instrument Rating, according to company officials. Added functionality to the in-flight screen helps students maintain situational awareness, stay on task, and access reference materials and important details about the flight in session, such as objectives, initial conditions, aircraft configurations, and more.


¡°The revamped scoring system allows for minor deviations from the ACS while making mastery difficult to achieve, which creates an engaging training environment that encourages student pilots to revisit missions and improve their proficiency,¡± officials added in a prepared release.


GIFT Instrument Rating was developed for use on any Redbird training device. The courseware can be used in conjunction with most existing curriculums, officials note.


Under this background, the 5th Annual Civil Aviation Training Forum 2019  will be held on September 25th-26th, 2019 in Sanya, China. The forum subject is "Pioneering and Innovative, Leading New Revolution of Aviation training" aims to introduce advance ideas and methods, share successful experiences, combine with that situation of the aviation division itself, to open up more efficient and more active training mechanism. The conference will focus on topics such as UPRT, New Technology Operation, Hard Landing, SOQA, JUST Culture and new aircraft training.


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