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AVIC Airborne System Common Technology Co., Ltd. is Inaugurated in Yangzhou, China

Oct 15,2019

China's electromechanical system has become a consensus behind the development of aircraft technology. At present, China is increasing its investment in research and development of the aviation electromechanical industry.

On July 31, AVIC Airborne System Common Technology Co., Ltd. was officially inaugurated in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. The establishment of AVIC Airborne System Common Technology Co., Ltd. and the signing of a series of agreements marked the airborne of China's aviation industry and Yangzhou City and related universities. The cooperation has entered a new stage, and the aviation and electromechanical industry will be at a strategic development period.

Under this background, the 4th Aero Electromechanics China will be held in Nanjing from October 22nd to 23rd. Over 300 domestic and foreign OEMs, electromechanical systems, subsystems, component suppliers and electromechanical systems research institutions will be brought together to promote the progress and development of the civil aircraft electrical system industry.

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