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OpsGroup Reports on International ADS-B Mandates

Jan 20,2020

Flight-planning firm OpsGroup has published an updated list of current and upcoming ADS-B equipment and operational mandates. In addition to the well-publicized June 7 deadline in Europe (see AINs Compliance Countdown), OpsGroup reported on the ADS-B mandates in South Africa, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and Sri Lanka.


South Africa has set April 1 as its deadline for aircraft operating under IFR to have ADS-B installed. The same starting date and equipment requirements will apply to IFR or VFR aircraft operating in Class A, B, C, and E airspace.


New Zealand is expected to adopt its proposal to make ADS-B mandatory for all aircraft in controlled airspace below FL245 starting on Dec. 31, 2021. It has also published a detailed description of the operational, performance, and equipment requirements.


Saudi Arabia has delayed the start of its ADS-B requirement in Class A and B airspace to Jan. 1, 2021, according to a recent Notam. OpsGroup said an earlier published document describing the equipage and operational requirements shows Jan. 1, 2020, as the original starting date.


Sri Lanka has not yet mandated requirements, though it started a trial ADS-B program more than five years ago. In September 2014, the countryCAA said ADS-B trial operations had started in Sri Lanka airspace (Colombo FIR) and "will be fully operational covering the entire Sri Lanka sovereign airspace.


Under this background,the 2nd International Symposium on Air Traffic Management for Civil Aviation will be held on April 14th - 15th, 2020 in Beijing, the summit was hosted by Technical Committee of Avionics and Air Traffific Management, CSAA, advised by Air Traffic Management Bureau of China Civil Aviation Administration, the summit will mainly focused on intelligence air traffic management including new technologies.


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