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Honeywell Offers Synthetic Vision For AW139s

Feb 26,2020

Leonardo is upgrading the avionics on new AW139 medium twin helicopters to the Honeywell Primus Epic 2.0 Phase 8 that includes the SmartView synthetic vision system. SmartView is usable down to hover and can facilitate nine-degree descents to landing, including oil rig approaches.


Phase 8 also features a more user-friendly iNav map, an improved cursor control device that speeds map manipulation and menu navigation, and wireless high-speed data loading. The navigation system is track-based and follows the actual path of the helicopter while accounting for wind and other environmental factors.


"With the Epic 2.0 Phase 8 upgrade, AW139 pilots will not only reduce the time and cost of some operations, especially those in weather and around challenging terrain, but they will also experience some of the best safety features available anywhere in the helicopter market, said Honeywell vice president of cockpit systems Mike Ingram.


For the development of Chinese avionics system, AVIC launched the aviation airborne industry integration work in 2018, and gradually set up the relevant divisions. Up to now, 7 divisions have been established, initially forming a new management structure. Among them, Cockpit Systems Division takes the airborne cockpit display control system specially as the core, and takes the lead in integrating the member units of the supply chain of the traditional cockpit display and control products. Centering on the avionics core package business, it adopts a progressive strategy, introduces the supporting supply chain, and gradually improves the cockpit system professional technology and business puzzle.


Under this background, the 9th Civil Avionics International Forum will be held on July 7th - 8th , Shanghai. At that time, relevant leaders and experts of AVIC will attend, we hope you get what you want in the forum.


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