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Head-wearable Display Obtains First Certification

Mar 30,2020

EASA has approved Universals ClearVision system with SkyLens head-wearable display on the ATR 72/42.

Universal Avionics Systems has received European Union Aviation Safety Agency certification for its ClearVision enhanced flight vision system (EFVS) with SkyLens head-wearable display, the first time that a head-wearable display has been certified for civil aviation. The certification is on the ATR 72/42 regional airliner.

This approval will allow operators to use the "visual advantage" available with the ClearVision EFVS to initiate instrument approaches or take off in lower flight visibility, which will help operators meet schedules and avoid having to divert to alternate airports. Operators will also be able to use the system for enhanced vision system- or EVS-to-land capability, allowing landings in poor visibility without using natural vision to look outside the aircraft.

The ClearVision EFVS works with traditional head-up displays (HUD), head-down (instrument-panel-mounted) displays, and Universals SkyLens head-wearable display (HWD). ClearVision can display enhanced vision and synthetic vision system imagery, and it can blend those images in a combined-vision format. An advantage of the SkyLens HWD is that its field of view is not limited, as is the case with a traditional HUD or head-down displays. The SkyLens field of view (or "field of regard," as Universal describes it) is basically unlimited and depends on where the pilot is looking.

"The certification of our EFVS with SkyLens is a breakthrough in commercial aviation," said Universal CEO Dror Yahav. "Aircraft operators can now take advantage of major enhanced-flight-vision capabilities and safety improvements with our proven ClearVision solution. This marks the first civil certification of an HWD and the first EVS-to-land solution for line-fit passenger aircraft. [This is] a major milestone in innovation in aviation."

Under this background, the 9th Civil Avionics International Forum will be held on July 7th -8th , in Shanghai. At this forum, these topics will be the highlight :

- Industry Development Highlights - Virtualization Technology, Main Driving Force Of Avionics System Development In The Future

- Detailed Design And Planning Of The Airborne HUD System For Advanced Commercial Aircraft

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