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‘eTech 3D Repair’ Integrated Solution To Report Structural Damage

Apr 27,2020

The new tablet based portable tool is introduced by Airbus for recording, assessing, monitoring and reporting aircraft structural damage


Introducing a new integrated solution for reporting aircraft structural damage called eTech 3D Repair. This new tablet based portable tool is introduced by Airbus for recording, assessing, monitoring and reporting aircraft structural damage. It can be used on the flight line with a handheld device by pilots and mechanics thereby saving considerable time.


This new tool will replace Airbus' PC-based "Repair Manager" system, by avoiding dependence on paperwork, easy access to digital documentation, quick sharing of information with OEMs, ensuring full damage traceability, and producing damage reports quickly - which is the key to ensure the compliance of the airline's process with regulations.


Features of eTech 3D Repair

- It provides a complete historical view of any previous damage logged for the aircraft.

- Makes easy to record damage characteristics in one click.

- It guides the user in assessing damage by giving access to the relevant digital structural repair manual (SRM) "ATA" chapters, as well as part names.

- It includes a lookup function for consulting supplier manuals.

- If no standard repair solution is already listed in the SRM, then the tool facilitates a direct way to contact engineering to initiate an "Airbus Tech Request".

- It is therefore possible to share quickly and efficiently all the damage data with the aircraft manufacturer or a FAR Part 21 repair organisation [or contact other suppliers by email], thus avoiding time-consuming message exchanges and administrative paperwork.

- The tool also enables maintenance staff to obtain rapid approval from the authorities for the repair, which will reduce the delay in putting the aircraft back into service.


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