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6th Aeronautical Materials and Manufacturing Technology Shanghai International Forum Was Successfully Held

Nov 20,2020

Currently, 109 Xinzhou series aircrafts and 39 ARJ21 have been delivered, and the orders for C919 aircraft have reached 815. China's civil aviation industry has stepped into a stage of rapid development, which is accompanied by the innovation and application of materials. Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, China has put a lot emphasized on composite materials. It is predicted that by 2023, China¡¯s aviation composite material market will reach 28.27 billion yuan.

In this context, the 6th Aeronautical Materials and Manufacturing Technology Shanghai International Forum was successfully held in Shanghai from November 18th to 19th. The forum attracted more than 150 domestic and foreign companies, including governments, aviation materials institutions, universities, OEM, component suppliers, testing and certification, etc. Over 200 representatives attended the forum.

The forum was hosted by MINHANG DISTRICT ASSOCIATION FOR SCIENCE & ECHNOLOGY OF SHANGHAI, SHANGHAI SOCIETY OF AERONAUTICS, Civil Aircraft Materials Industry Development Alliance, COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., BAOWU SPECIAL METALLURGY CO., LTD. , supported by Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd, co-organized by COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, AECC COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT ENGINE CO., LTD., China Superalloy Innovation Strategic Alliance (CSISA), and organized by Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.

Since 2016, 3D printing has begun to develop steadily, and civil aviation additive manufacturing has begun a series of mergers, and has gradually moved towards a steady path of commercial mergers and airworthiness certification. The civil aviation additive manufacturing¡¯s future development direction is low-cost, intelligent and integrated. In recent years, ¡°there are still some key core technologies that are in urgent need of breakthroughs: including design, failure criteria and forward verification test analysis methods, powder recovery standards and identification of key parameters, and quality stability technologies, Process equipment equivalence verification technology and non-destructive testing technology, etc." YI Junlan, Deputy Director of Ecological Manufacturing Department / Senior R&D Engineer Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Institute of COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said , "For future vision, the first is to face practice. We still have a certain gap in basic data with foreign countries. This data needs to be supplemented; the second is to face it positively, take a positive design path, and better utilize the advantages through the design of additive manufacturing."

The forum established a platform between civil aircraft manufacturers and suppliers. Regarding how to improve the utility of aviation materials, and promote the upgrading and innovation of aeronautical materials, various units have carried out information exchanges and constructive cooperation to actively promote the vigorous and healthy development of the civil aviation industry.

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