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Despite COVID-19, eVTOL Avionics Development Forges Ahead

Apr 15,2021

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology level and information level, intelligent science has become a new natural discipline, and has attracted extensive interest and research of many researchers. In recent years, with the development of microelectronics technology, computer technology, network technology and sensor technology, more and more attention has been paid to the application of intelligent technology in the field of civil aircraft. It is in this trend of continuous research on intelligent technology that, as civil aircraft and its important airborne system, intelligent avionics system aims to provide technical support for the realization of intelligent aircraft. Its objectives are as follows: (1) to realize intelligent driving of civil aircraft and reduce the burden of flight crew to the greatest extent; (2) to realize intelligent maintenance of civil aircraft and improve flight efficiency It can improve the efficiency of aircraft maintenance, reduce the cost of aircraft maintenance and reduce the workload of maintenance.

Under this background, the 10th Annual Civil Avionics International Forum will be held in the city of Shanghai on June 22nd C 23rdfocus on Aviation 14th Five-Year Plan Lay Out, Pay Attention to the Smart Development of Avionics Industry, Improve the Capability of Independent R&D.

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