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Bombardier Launches Certified Pre-Owned Aircraft Program

Jul 15,2021

Bombardier has launched a Certified Pre-Owned aircraft program for buyers looking for a ¡°like-new¡± experience that comes with the knowledge the aircraft has been thoroughly inspected by Bombardier engineers.

Not only that, but every Bombardier Certified Pre-Owned aircraft is backed by a one-year warranty on the airframe which also extends to operational support during the first year.

¡°As life gradually begins to return to normal, the supply of business jets across the industry has been outpaced by demand,¡± said Chris Milligan, Vice President, Pre-Owned Aircraft Services, Bombardier. ¡°A Bombardier Certified Pre-Owned aircraft provides buyers with the highest quality Pre-Owned product, equipped with the latest safety and cabin enhancements ¨C while providing the new aircraft delivery experience customers are looking for.¡±

Potential customers can sign up to receive alerts when one of Bombardier¡¯s Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft becomes available.

¡°Bombardier¡¯s Certified Pre-Owned aircraft program is capitalizing on a resilient market where supply still hasn¡¯t caught up with demand,¡± said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Executive Vice President, Services and Support, and Corporate Strategy, Bombardier. ¡°With so many new prospective buyers on the market, Bombardier can fulfill this demand and harness our world-renowned product knowledge, refurbishment capabilities and valuation know-how.¡±

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