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5th Aero Electromechanics China 2021

Aug 19,2021


Hosted by:

Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Airborne Hydraulic, Fuel & Environmental Control Systems Division of AVIC

Aviation Key Laboratory ofa Science and Technology on Aero Electromechanical System Integration

Technical Committee of Aviation Fluid Power Transmission and Control, CSAA

Organized by:

AVIC Jincheng Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft System

Jiangsu Society of Aeronautics

Supported by

Airborne Electric Power Systems Division of AVIC

Airborne Protection and Life-saving, Air-borne and Air-drop Systems Division of AVIC

Co-organized by

Galleon(Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.

Event Background

As a high value-added, high-tech industry, civil aircraft mechanical and electrical industry is not only an important part of aviation industry, but also an important field of technological innovation and development. Aviation mechanical and electrical industry covers a wide range of professional, high-tech content, high added value, easy to expand to other fields, can drive electronics, advanced materials, special and precision processing, metallurgy, chemical industry and other technologies and industries, is the country, especially developed countries in Europe and the United States attach great importance to the industry. In comparison, there is still a big gap between the core technology of China's aviation mechanical and electrical system and developed countries, and there is plenty of room for progress in scientific and technological innovation.

Now China is in the "14th Five-Year Plan" development stage, from the national science and technology industry policy system, science and technology self-reliance as a strategic support for national development, with security as the cornerstone, science and technology and environmental protection as the focus, accelerate the integration of information technology and industrialization. As a key link in the aviation industry, mechanical and electrical systems involve multi-level fields, and are a powerful force in promoting the energy revolution, accelerating digital development and building a transportation power. Under the impetus of the organizing committee, bringing experts from all sides to carry out multi-angle, deep-seated ideological collision will be conducive to promoting the key technology of our national machinery mechanical and electrical system to achieve a major breakthrough in this vision.

Hot Topics

1.Interpret The New Plan of The "14th Five-Year Plan" Civil Machinery Mechanical and Electrical System and Lead The Green Development Of The Industry

2.Pay Attention to The Construction of Civil Aircraft Industry, Improve Airworthiness Forensics Capacity of New Breakthroughs

3.How To Drive Digital Transformation Is Analyzed With The Scene Architecture Of Civil Aircraft Electromechanical System

4.Intelligent Services Power The Manufacture Of Electromechanical Systems

5.The Development Trend Of Domestic Civil Machinery Mechanical And Electrical System Is Discussed

6.The Development Challenges And Cooperation Opportunities Of Mechanical And Electrical Systems In The International Complex environment

7.Technical Challenges And Related Solutions In The Development Of Electric Aircraft

8.The Current Situation And Development Potential Of China's Electric Aircraft Industry

9.Core Technical Advantages And Sustainable Research And Development Capabilities In Key Areas Such As Battery Materials Are Used In The Future On Board

10.Implementation And Promotion Of Multi-Electric Aircraft

11.C919 Aircraft Landing Gear Materials For High Toughness, Fatigue, Corrosion Resistance Requirements

12.Breakthrough And Innovative Research On Aviation Wheels And Brake Systems 



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