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11th Annual China Aviation Industry Shanghai Summit 2021

Aug 19,2021


Hosted by

Shanghai Society of Aeronautics

COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute

COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

China Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute

Supported by

Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd

Shanghai Hongqiao Linkong Economic Demonstration Zone

Co-organized by

AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd.

BAOWU Special Metallurgy Co., Ltd.

Organized by

Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.

Event Background

In the second half of 2020, China's aviation market took the lead in showing signs of recovery, bringing hope to the recovery of the global aviation market. With the epidemic gradually under control and the economy back on track, the global aviation industry is also expected to recover.According to the COMAC Market Forecast Annual Report (2020-2039), global air passenger turnover is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 3.73 percent over the next two decades, with the delivery of 40,664 jets of all seat classes worth nearly US $6 trillion.

According to the latest market forecast, with China's transportation industry continued rapid growth, especially air transport transportation proportion is more and more big, the next 20 years, China's aviation market will receive more than 50 aircraft, 9205, the market value of about $1.4 trillion (based on list prices in 2018), equivalent to about 10 trillion yuan.Of these, 958 turbofan regional jets with 50 seats or more were delivered.6,119 single-aisle jetliners with 120 seats or more were delivered;A total of 2,128 twin-aisle jetliners with 250 seats or more were delivered.And a considerable part of the production share will be handed over to China's local aviation manufacturing enterprises, which puts forward new requirements and challenges for China's civil aviation industry: how to further improve the design and production efficiency to better meet the needs of the market.As an important means to improve efficiency, the transformation of enterprise digital intelligence has been paid more and more attention by the aviation industry in China.

Hot Topics

1.Development Of Digital Intelligence In Civil Aircraft

2.Civil Aircraft Flight Test And Aircraft System Test Technology

3.Intelligent Development Of Civil Aircraft Design, Manufacturing, Production And Assembly

4.New Information Technology Enables Refined Development Of Aircraft Process

5.Research And Construction Of 5G+ Smart Aviation Test Flight Network System

6.Research On Virtual Flight Test Technology Of Aircraft

7.Development Trend Of Virtual Test And Certification Methods For Aircraft Structures

8.Research And Application Of Nondestructive Testing Technology In Digital Measurement

9.A New Model Of Strength Test For Whole Machine Based On "5G+ Industrial Internet"

10.Modeling And Simulation Of Airborne Large Scale Complex Systems

11.Batch Production Speed, Improve Aircraft Assembly Efficiency, Increase The Number Of Aircraft Delivery, Strengthen Production System Construction


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