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Reducing blisk inspection times by up to 50%

Sep 15,2021

A new ultra-high accuracy laser sensor inspection solution with dedicated software for aircraft component inspection enables manufacturers to reduce programming and inspection times. See how the new solution cuts blisk inspection times by up to 50%.

Hexagon reduces blisk measurement cycle time with production-ready solution

A specialised CMM solution helps aerospace manufacturers significantly reduce the creation and execution of measurement routines. 


Hexagon¡¯s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched a new Leitz Reference HP HTA blisk solution, enabling aerospace manufacturers to reduce blisk inspection times by as much as 50 percent.

By bringing together the Leitz Reference CMM, the HP-O non-contact interferometric laser sensor and specialised Bladed Rotors Measurement software in a single solution, Hexagon enables manufacturers to significantly cut the time it takes to develop and execute blisk measurement routines.

Ryan Toole, North American Product Manager for Automated Measurement Systems says: ¡°Hexagon¡¯s new Leitz Reference HP HTA solution for blisks overcomes the obstacles that have traditionally made complex blisk inspection a slow, painstaking task. Now aerospace manufacturers can increase productivity by creating and running an optimised blisk measurement routine in hours, when before it typically took days or even weeks.¡±

Blisks have complex geometries that make them difficult and time-consuming to inspect. The Leitz Reference HP HTA solution works with Hexagon¡¯s HP-O non-contact interferometric laser sensor and Bladed Rotors Measurement software to deliver precise inspection data with market-leading speed and flexibility. Hexagon¡¯s Bladed Rotors Measurement software uses a combination of parametric techniques, automated path planning for airfoil measurement and collision avoidance to reduce measurement routine creation time by as much as 70%, while also facilitating measurement execution.

Other advantages of the system include the ability to automatically adjust scanning speeds depending on the complexity and importance of the area being measured.

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