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Innovation with Cooperation Support Easy Fly | Building a platform for mutual assistance and sharing of aviation materials

Oct 25,2021

The emergence of domestically produced aircraft provides an important development opportunity for China's MRO, which is of practical significance in laying down and enhancing maintenance engineering capabilities and occupying a position in the future market for the operation and maintenance of new aircraft types. In the post-epidemic era, it will be of great significance to promote the implementation of the strategy of domestic civil aircraft by holding the industry's efforts to build a mutual assistance and sharing platform for aerospace materials and collaborate to improve the efficiency and modern management of the supply chain of aerospace materials for domestic civil aircraft.


On October 20-21, The 5th Annual Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum & The 26th Maintenance and Spare Support Conference were successfully held in Qingdao, jointly organised by the Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology Sub-committee of CSAA and the Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, supported by the Shandong Aerospace Society and the Shaanxi Aviation Society, and co-organised by Qingdao Aviation Co.,Ltd., Taikoo(Shandong)Aircraft Engineering Company Limited, COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd. and Galleon(Shanghai) Consulting Co.Ltd.The 5th International Forum on Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology and the 26th Annual Civil Aircraft Route Maintenance and Material Mutual Aid Conference were successfully held in Qingdao.

QIAN Huide

Section Head of Airworthiness Certification Division

CASS East China Regional Administration

Mr. Qian Huide, Director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), started his speech with the topic of  Domestic Civil Aircraft Supplies Management from Airworthiness Certification. At the beginning of the presentation, Mr. Qian introduced the approval method of component airworthiness certification, and made relevant suggestions from the following two aspects in view of the current difficulties faced by aviation material assurance: First, from the production licensee level: (1) establish direct supply authorization (DSA) procedures; (2) encourage suppliers to set up component manufacturing enterprises in China; (3) cultivate domestic enterprises to apply for PMA of OEM parts according to the agreement through the transfer of interests between PC holders and suppliers. Secondly, at the level of airlines and maintenance units: (1) establish scientific and accurate management of aerospace materials based on operational and maintenance data; (2) enhance the capacity of maintenance units to gradually intervene in the manufacturing industry, especially by establishing extensive links with PC holders and OEMs to seek manufacturing of relevant parts.

The airlines and maintenance units will strengthen their aviation material security, which will help the production and operation of aircraft in service, while reducing the amount of funds tied up in aviation material, and ultimately reaching a balance point between operation and economisation.


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