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Solvay Introduces a Flagship Epoxy Prepreg for the Aerospace Market

Oct 29,2021

Solvay's CYCOM EP2190 is an epoxy-based system offering outstanding toughness in thick and thin structures combined with excellent in-plane performance in hot/wet and cold/dry environments. As the companys new flagship product for aerospace primary structures, the material rivals incumbent solutions for wing and fuselage applications across most aviation market segments, including urban air mobility (UAM), private and commercial aerospace segments (sub and supersonic) to defense and rotorcraft.

The growing customer base within the aerospace industry has a demand for composite materials that offer balanced in-plane, damage tolerance, and manufacturing performance, says Stephen Heinz, head of Composite R&I, and adds: We are proud to introduce CYCOM EP2190, a versatile new prepreg developed to provide significant benefits over traditional primary structure systems and a solution that meets demand for both performance and manufacturability.

One of the strengths of the new prepreg system is its superior toughness combined with excellent hot-wet compression properties offering an ideal balance of performance. In addition, CYCOM EP2190 offers robust manufacturing performance allowing for fabrication of parts with complex shapes using manual or automated fabrication methods. This prepreg system will enable customers to use the same material for multiple targeted applications.

CYCOM EP2190 performance has been demonstrated during customer trials at several U.S. and European UAM, commercial jet and rotorcraft manufacturers. Product configurations include uni-directional carbon fiber grades and woven fabrics.

At a time when fast adoption and reduced certification costs are essential for innovative applications, Solvay is able to provide customers with a preliminary database of CYCOM EP2190 followed by a full NCAMP (National Center for Advanced Materials Performance) public database of the material available in 2022.

As the main material used in the development of large wide-body aircrafts, the performance and structure of composite materials are constantly updated and optimized. The increasing amount of composite material used in domestic wide-body aircraft makes the demand of composite material advance by leaps and bounds. Under this background, the 7th Annual Aeronautical Materials and Manufacturing Technology International Forum 2021 will be held on December 2nd - 3rd, 2021, in Shanghai. You are welcome to participate.

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