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Demand Traction, Development Driven, Aircraft Intelligent-manufacturing, Green Innovation 2021 CAIS&AMMT was successfully held in Shanghai

Dec 7,2021

Aviation technology is one of the most rapidly developing fields of science and technology that has had the greatest impact on human production and life since the 20th century.The world is now undergoing a technological revolution and industrial change, and aviation technology is facing huge opportunities for development.Global cooperation in aviation science and technology is necessary and promising.Through this forum, we aim to gather the insights of professional leaders to promote aviation technology innovation and the development of the aviation industry, so as to help cultivate new opportunities in the crisis and open up new situations in the midst of changes with technology.

On December 2nd, 2021, The 11th Annual China Aviation Industry Shanghai Summit 2021 & 7th Annual Aeronautical Materials & Manufacturing Technology Shanghai International Forum 2021  was successfully held in Shanghai, which was advised by the Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, hosted by the Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, co-hosted by COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design & Research Institute, COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd, China Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute,BAOWU Special Metallurgy Co., Ltd.,Civil Aircraft Materials Industry Development Alliance,supported by Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd,Shanghai Association for Science & Tech,Shanghai Hongqiao Linkong Economic Demonstration Zone,co-organized by Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone (Pilot Free Trade Zone)(Langfang) Management Committee,Hebei Airport Economic Zone Group Co.,Ltd.,COMAC Flight Test Center,AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd.,and organized by Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.

ZHU MEIFANG Academician
Dean of College of Materials Science & Engineering, Donghua University

Qian Xuesen once said that "Every gram of weight lost in a spacecraft is a contribution".Considered to be the greatest invention of the 21st century, fibre materials are widely used in aircraft weight reduction design due to their functionality.Academician Zhu Meifang gave a detailed introduction to the historical background of fibre materials, their development status in China.At the end of her speech, she mentioned that the fibres of the future will be a collection of intelligent, ultra-performance and green manufacturing processes, with a very promising future for applications in aerospace and advanced manufacturing.

Chief Designer of CR929

With the topic of China's commercial aircraft development, Chen Yingchun shared a macro picture of the world's large aircraft development, followed by a detailed description of China's civil aircraft project CR929.He mentioned that the development of the CR929 will enable China's commercial aircraft to achieve three major leaps, which are (1)the carrier single-aisle to wide-body dual-aisle leap, (2) short- and medium-range inland flight to long-range transoceanic flight,(3)metal-based to composite material-based leap.
The current goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality has led to further upgrades in the aviation industry, and the preliminary realization of intelligence in the entire process of aircraft design and manufacturing, customer service, operations and maintenance management.Future research in commercial aircraft technology will focus on new energy, new fuels, multi-electric & all-electric, integrated avionics, electromechanical integration and composite materials.

GM of Procurement and Supplier Management Dept.

Chen Yahong, GM of Procurement and Supplier Management Dept, gave a brief explanation of the four categories of COMAC suppliers and their distribution at home and abroad, under the theme of Building a Community of Life and Sharing a Better Future. Mr. Chen introduced that there are currently 285 suppliers directly cooperating with COMAC, of which 187 are from China.However, there is still the problem of key technologies being concentrated in the West, and as a result more local and foreign companies are being encouraged to start local production and become part of the commercial flight supply chain.He then shared the process of how a company becomes a supplier to COMAC, how COMAC develops, selects and manages suppliers, and the management guidelines that COMAC follows to build a community of life with its suppliers.

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