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Personnel Development

Training mechanism plays an important role in our talent development system. We arrange mixed training for our employees, including on-the-job training, classroom training, online training and remote training, among which, the on-the-job training is the most important one, including the direct manager system.

Direct Manager System:

Direct manager system refers to the assignment of direct managers to provide one-to-one training and assistance for its subordinate. Every employee would have a direct manager who would guide their work when they first enter the Company, which is real one-to-one business training, including the selection of tones when visiting customers and the skills in the dealing with every trifle.

Colorful Training:

Different departments have different training systems of different contents, including the skill training for new employees and training for promoted employees or employees who have just changed their positions. Different training courses are arranged for different employees according to the demands at different stages.

Mechanism to Promote from within:

The mechanism to promote from within has become one of the most outstanding manifestos of the corporate culture of Galleon. It is also the core mechanism of our employment system and lays an important foundation for our competitive edges. It is the growth of the sense of pride and ownership of employees who grow with the development of the Company helps to maintain the cohesion of the Company.

Another system that is closely associated with the mechanism to promote from within is the job rotation system, under which employees would change their positions and continue to work in other departments after working at the previous position for a period of time as required and the Company would respect the personal wills of each employee and try to provide more opportunities for them to achieve their personal ideals.
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