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Chinese Aircraft Manufacturer Launches Internet-Based, Global "Moore Cloud" Platform

Nov 30,2016

COMAC America Corporation has launched the "Moore Cloud Civil Aviation Technology Solutions platform," an internet-based virtual R&D, technical consulting and technology transaction online platform.

"This is one of our explorative initiatives. The internet-based R&D platform will first aim to solve talent issues we are facing for researching and developing C919, and the future wide-body aircraft project," Jin Zhuanglong, chairman of the Board of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), told Xinhua.

According to COMAC America Corporation, the new platform focuses on building an internet-based and global platform for civil aviation technology transaction, virtual R&D and technical consulting. The project aims to connect project resources and human resources in both China and the United States.

"Moore Cloud" platform has three-stage missions. In the short-term, about one to three years, the new platform will support COMAC Series and provide quick and accurate technical consulting services. COMAC America Corporation plans to solve 5 percent of outsourced R&D demand in the first year.

Mid-term mission in about three to five years, the project aims to expand to civil aviation industry both home and abroad; And the long term mission in about five to 10 years, the project intends to extend to high-end complex system industry, and strive to build a COMAC civil aircraft "Virtual R&D Platform."

It will promote the development of China civil aircraft industry. Taking developing China civil aircraft industry as a goal, Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2017 will be held on May 10th - 11th , 2017 in Shanghai, China. It is hosted by Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, co-organized by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, COMAC Shanghai Design and Research Institute and COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. The topics which will be talked in this forum including dynamic information of aircraft projects (C919, Wide-body aircraft, Y20F-100...), advanced manufacturing technologies, etc.

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News Source: COMAC News Center

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