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Becker Avionics Adds 3D Audio to Digital Intercom

Mar 14,2024

Several features were recently added to Becker Avionics¡¯ AMU 6500 digital intercom, including 3D audio, Bluetooth compatibility, and split-screen functionality. The AMU 6500 was introduced in 2019 and is installed in a variety of civil, government, and military helicopters and airplanes.
The 3D audio feature, also known as spatial or positional audio, enables audio inputs that are perceived as coming from various locations. This is helpful for a crewmember monitoring more than one radio, according to Becker. ¡°To orientate radio channels to different positions allows the receiving person to isolate these frequencies without changing volumes or muting the channel not currently being used. This is very beneficial in command-and-control aircraft either in firefighting or law enforcement.¡±
With Bluetooth capability, crewmembers in the back of the aircraft can communicate without having to plug cords into the intercom system. Meanwhile, the split-screen capability permits two users to share one audio management unit (AMU), including access to 10 programmable buttons, an independent intercom, main volume adjustments, individual vox adjustments, and a transmitter selector, according to Becker.
Customers can opt to add the ARU 6510 digital audio management unit to the AMU 6500, and this expands the AMU 6500 from three intercom positions to 12 transceivers using nine stereo headsets or 15 positions when using a mix of stereo and mono.

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