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Garmin's Citation CJ2 Avionics Upgrade Nears Approval

Mar 29,2024

Garmin expects dealers to start installing its flight deck upgrade for the Cessna Citation CJ2 in the coming months. Yesterday at the Aircraft Electronics Association Convention, the company said it expects to receive FAA supplemental type certificate (STC) approval for the upgrade in the second quarter; the all-Garmin retrofit will include TXi touchscreen flight displays, GTN Xi navigators, and GFC 600 digital autopilot, along with several options. Garmin is also developing a similar STC for the CJ1.

According to Garmin, the CJ2 upgrade will transform what it described as a "fragmented avionics architecture" into an integrated cockpit experience. The stock aircraft has the Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite.

The upgrade features two G600 TXi flight displays, providing advanced primary flight display and multi-function display capabilities with a touchscreen interface. It also includes situational awareness features specific to the CJ2, such as stabilized approach monitoring and aural V-speed alerting during takeoff. Meanwhile, the TXi engine indication system features a newly refined gauge layout and user interface.

GTN Xi navigators add next-generation GPS/navcom capabilities to the light jet, enabling vertical navigation (VNAV) with the GFC 600 autopilot and allowing pilots to create and execute holding patterns over a published or user-defined waypoint. The GFC 600 digital autopilot delivers capabilities such as coupled VNAV descents and coupled go-arounds while executing a missed approach, allowing automation to assist during high-workload procedures.

Garminí»s optional GWX 8000 StormOptix weather radar simplifies operations near complex weather. Auto mode lets pilots simply set the range, and the radar automatically adjusts tilt and gain settings to accurately profile weather cells so pilots can analyze returns from hazardous storm cell activity.

The PlaneSync GDL 60 connected aircraft management system uses a 4G LTE cellular connection or Wi-Fi for automatic avionics database updates and can run on its own battery so that pilots don't need to be present to oversee manual updates. PlaneSync also enables pilots to check fuel quantity, database status, GPS location, temperatures, and other information remotely using the Garmin Pilot app. In 2025, Garmin will add automatic post-landing transmission of flight and engine log data.

Other optional items include the GMA 35C audio panel that supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity for music or telephone calls via a mobile device. The GTX 345R remote transponder offers ADS-B Out capability and ADS-B In weather and traffic. Garmin dealers can also install the GDL 69A SiriusXM datalink, GTS series traffic systems, and GSR 56 Iridium satcom for worldwide weather, voice calls, and messaging as part of the upgrade.

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