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IATA Launches First Virtual Reality Training Tool For Ground Operations

May 26,2017

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced the launch of RampVR, the industry¡¯s first virtual reality (VR) training platform for ground operations, at the IATA Ground Handling Conference (IGHC) in Bangkok.

¡°Improving ramp safety and reducing damage to aircraft and ground equipment through better education and training is an industry priority, but training in this extremely active environment can be a challenge. RampVR allows users to safely immerse themselves in ramp operations and experience a variety of scenarios in different operating conditions.¡±

¡°RampVR also provides users with built-in metrics to track their performance, and real-time access to key reference material,¡± said Frederic Leger, IATA¡¯s Director for Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security Products.

RampVR was developed in consultation with airlines, airports and ground service providers to meet their training needs while reducing the burden of accessing the ramp for training (security, safety, availability of aircraft, etc.). Currently two modules are available: Aircraft Turnaround Inspections and Aircraft Marshalling.

RampVR is fully compliant with IATA standards as set out in the Airport Handling Manual (AHM) and IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM).

¡°Talent development is essential to making our industry safe, secure, and sustainable. Innovative technology is the key.¡±

¡°VR in the learning context increases knowledge retention by as much as four times while improving motivation and engagement. VR is here to stay and we are already considering expanding its use in different training areas,¡± Nick Careen, IATA¡¯s Senior Vice President, Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security concluded.

Also focusing on VR application in aviation training, ¡°China Aviation Training Forum 2017¡± will be held on September 6th - 8th, in China Eastern Airlines Technology R&D Center which is hosted by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics and co-organized by COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd and Shanghai University of Engineering Science. There will be a panel discussion ¡°New Technology Application in Aviation Training¡± discussed by experts from IATA, ICAO, IFALPA, China Hainan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines...

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