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First Low-Visibility Take-off with HUD in Chinese Civil Aviation

Jan 15,2018

On the morning of December 29, Flight SC1181 of Shandong Airlines safely took off from Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport with Head-up Display System (HUD) under the orange alert of fog when the other flights were all delayed by the heavy fog.

The visibility of certain area reduced to 50 meters due to the thick fog that day. With the support of Shandong Air Traffic Management Bureau and Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, Shandong Airlines used HUD to safely take off under visibility of 150 meters, which is the first take-off in Chinese civil aviation industry that operated under 150-meter Runway Visual Range (RVR) after the Jinan-based carrier ran trial tests in Beijing, Jinan, Qingdao, Kunming, Urumqi and Shijiazhuang Airports.

HUD system is produced by Rockwell Collins, America and Shandong Airlines is the first to adopt the system. The system can lower take-off and landing standards by explicit leveling guide. There will be a small circle on the screen of HUD when the aircraft approaches the airport and pilots merely need to fly into the circle to realize explicit instrumental landing.

Based on the achievements of 12th Five-Year Plan , during 13th Five-Year Plan , civil aviation air traffic management industry will be driven by innovation and market traction, focus on ATM infrastructure construction, lean operation management, application of new technologies, flight operation collaborative environment, general aviation service support system and UAV ATM research and etc. In the face of growing demand for the development of civil aviation transportation industry, strengthen the innovation of the civil aviation industry system, increase the importance of ATM system, to improve and perfect the ATM technical and equipment facilities, deepen the domestic and international ATM technology information exchange, make the ATM system a reliable guarantee for civil aviation transportation industry, as the strong support of economic development.

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