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China to Become Largest Market in World

Jan 29,2018

IATA has published its latest 20 year aviation forecast, and projects that China will overtake the US in terms of passenger traffic by 2022. It is clear that traffic growth in Asia will change the landscape of major markets, with China, India, Indonesia and Japan taking 4 of the top 6, and Thailand joining the top 10 by 2036.

Total traffic is expected to nearly double to 7.8 billion passengers in 2036, with the Asia-Pacific region driving more than half of the new passengers.

IATA confirms the forecasts from Airbus and Boeing that all show massive growth in Asia over the next two decades. Infrastructure, from airports to air traffic control to trained pilots and mechanics, will challenge the industry over the next two decades. Understanding the magnitude of travel demand well in advance enables the industry to act in advance to provide the capacity requirements to meet that demand. We are all a part of a growth industry, with unique challenges and opportunities over the next two decades that will be interesting to watch.

The development of air traffic control technology is very important to the development of civil aviation industry. Air transport industry is one of the main contributors to the global economic prosperity, long term sustained traffic growth can promote technological development.

Based on the achievements of 12th Five-Year Plan , during 13th Five-Year Plan, civil aviation air traffic management industry will be driven by innovation and market traction, focus on ATM infrastructure construction, lean operation management, application of new technologies, flight operation collaborative environment, general aviation service support system and UAV ATM research and etc.

Under this background, the 2018 International Symposium on Air Traffic Management for Civil Aviation will be held in the city of Beijing on the coming March 20th to 21st. This symposium is jointly hosted by Beihang University & Technical Committee of Avionics and Air Traffic Management, CSAA, it was officially supported by the Air Traffic Management Bureau, CAAC (ATMB), register your interest or feel to get in touch with marketing@galleon.cc for more details.


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