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Jeppesen Adds New Features to Mobile Flitedeck Efbs

Nov 29,2018

Boeing yesterday announced enhancements to Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck, a popular electronic flight bag (EFB) solution for the business and general aviation market. New features include real-time data capabilities for faster decision making and intelligent data processing based on pilot requirements and preferences.

¡°Introducing new data-driven features for Mobile FliteDeck underscores our commitment to delivering world-class EFB solutions for our customers,¡± said William Ampofo, Vice President, business and general aviation, Boeing Global Services. ¡°These enhancements will simplify the pilot¡¯s navigation experience by making data more accessible and usable in all phases of flight.¡±

Enhancements to Mobile FliteDeck include:

Jeppesen Standard Airway Manual text is now fully indexed and searchable, optimizing the flight preparation process.

A new organized track structure simplifies international, oceanic flight tracks by automatically plugging in route information based on entered arrival and departure airports, eliminating manual smart notes, which analyze chronological and geospatial flight information to present key data points for pilots automatically, without the need for manual interaction.

New standard instrument departure/standard arrival routes (SID/STAR) chart data capabilities that include own-ship depiction to highlight airplane location on the map in the busy terminal airspace environment. Pilots can now choose specific SID/STAR routing data to fit their unique flight plans and operation.

As our long-term partner, Jeppesen has helped aviation Professionals worldwide to reach their destinations safely and efficiently. This time, Jeppesen will share their latest solution in avionics at Civil Avionics International Forum (CAIF) on April 16th-17th, 2019.

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