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The Power of Data£¬The Power of Connected ¡ª¡ª¡°2019 Connected Aircraft China Congress¡± Was Successfully Held in Shanghai

Apr 23,2019

According to the development forecast, by 2035, China annual passenger number will reach 1.4 billion, and civil aviation itself has become a massive data carrier that brings together people, logistics, business flow, information flow and capital flow. As the industry continuing to improve the safety management and operation level of civil aviation, optimizing operation and operational efficiency, and improving passenger satisfaction, the on-board interconnection faces unprecedented opportunities for development. Through the analysis and application of real-time interconnected big data, the airport network, route network and information network will be deeply integrated and developed, and the civil aviation network, digitization and intelligence will be fully realized.

Hosted by the Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology Sub-committee of CSAA; Organized by COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co.,Ltd. and Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. the "2019 Connected Aircraft China Congress (CAC2019)" was successfully held in Shanghai from April 17th to 18th. At the beginning of the congress, XIN Xudong, Deputy General Manager of COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co.,Ltd. gave an opening speech to the congress, and expressed a warm welcome.

CAO Quanxin, Researcher Fellow, Director of Airborne Information Department, COMAC Research and Development Center, mentioned the improvement of the economy and safety of civil aviation through the interconnection aircraft. The Research and Development Center closely focuses on aircraft maintenance. Collaboration in areas closely related to the mainframe, such as safety, remote technical services, and crisis operation performance improvement, pursues a higher level, achieving comfort and environmental protection.

ZHANG Nan, Chief Architect, EBG, China Aviation Industry of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., said that Huawei is very optimistic about airborne communications. And he introduce Huawei's work on doing A2G coverage, and hopes that there will be more cooperation in the future. Through the construction of connected aircraft, the digital world will be brought to everyone, every family, every organization, and the intelligent world of all things connected.

SHI Guangyu, Engineering Department of China Eastern Airlines Technology Co., Ltd., proposed the airworthiness certification method for adding and refitting wireless transmitter equipment. Three proposals were given. First, the ground electromagnetic compatibility test T-PED test qualification and approval method. Second, the identification of the wireless transmitter equipment type approval certificate, the participation of the Air Traffic Control Bureau. And third, the need to identify the frequency, network and business of wireless equipment Use Policy.

The congress attracted nearly 300 delegates from domestic and foreign satellite communication companies, airlines, universities and enterprises. Through keynote speech, panel discussions, exhibitions, business meetings and media interviews, the congress discussed issues related to the development process of China's civil aviation connected aircraft in terms of industry policy dynamics, development trend of civil aviation interconnection market, and advanced satellite communication technology. Looking forward more industry experts and leaders to participate in the congress next year.

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