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S7 Technics Adopts New Technology for Aircraft Interior Parts

Aug 2,2019

S7 Technics has started to use vacuum thermoforming for the manufacture of aircraft interior parts.


S7 Technics has begun to manufacture plastic products using vacuum thermoforming. The new method will allow the company to expand the range of items it is able to produce for aircraft interiors.


S7 Technics¡¯ specialists at Novosibirsk¡¯s Tolmachevo airport have been manufacturing plastic components since 2015, with pressure casting techniques used before. 


Vacuum thermoforming involves heating a plastic sheet and stretching it around a mold with a vacuum. After the part has cooled, the mold is removed with air pressure.


Currently, vacuum thermoforming produces plastic passenger seat backs that are installed on S7 Airlines¡¯ Airbus A320 family. In the near future, S7 will begin to manufacture other elements of aircraft interiors.


With the development of aviation industry in China and the increase of the demand of civil aircraft, the demand of China's aviation materials industry is constantly released. Aviation materials and process technology are the two cornerstones of laying the manufacturing capacity of aviation industry, the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of China's civil aviation industry at present, and also one of the most extensive and potential core areas of China's aviation manufacturing industry chain towards a more open andmature process. The development of materials is of great significance to the development of aviation equipment. The aviation materials industry is undoubtedly one of themost dynamic areas for growth and investment opportunities.


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