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CCX Adds New Tester Features

Apr 15,2020

After introducing its new T-RX avionics radio testers a year ago, CCX Technologies has added a GPS signal generator and VDL Mode 2 capabilities to the testers.

Avionics technicians use the GPS signal generator to generate GPS signals with specific position and track information for testing GPS navigation systems. For aircraft that fly in airspace where controller-pilot datalink communication (CPDLC) is used in non-oceanic airspace, VDL Mode 2 (VHF datalink) is the technology for that capability. The T-RX s new features allow for testing receiving and transmitting functions of the VDL Mode 2 transceiver. The new testing capabilities can be added to existing T-RX units.

With mandates fast approaching and operators expecting the highest standards of aircraft maintenance, we are optimistic that maintainers and techs will appreciate the ease with which they can add these new tests to their T-RX, said CCX president Chris Bartlett. Several users have told us that being able to do the majority of their avionics radio testing with a single device will help save them time and effort.

The new capabilities were the result of user feedback, according to CCX. The GPS signal generator and VDL Mode 2 testing capability can be added to the T-RX with purchase of a license key.

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